Napkin PC

Napkin PC Enables High-Tech Doodling (01/05/08) Zyga, Lisa

Designer Avery Holleman is targeting creative groups with a new PC concept that makes use of e-paper and radio-frequency technology. The Napkin PC resembles a napkin holder and is filled with e-paper “napkins” and can hold colored pens. An architect, artist, or engineer who suddenly has a new idea can simply grab a napkin and doodle on it with a pen, which sends data to the napkin interface using short-range RF technology. The pen and napkin also use long-range RF to communicate with a base station PC. The Napkin PC allows users to easily share their ideas, connects napkins to create a large-scale display, and uses little power. The concept makes use of a single-layer flexible circuit board for inductive power; has the pen wirelessly power the napkin when it is in close range; and the e-paper napkins retain the bright, full-color images for some time. Users sign their name to load features such as settings and bookmarks, and the device also keeps track of their work.