Pissed Off and Pissed On

Bob has an angelically (is that a word?) cute little cat named Cheetah.

Cheetah in the sun

Cheetah likes to roll with a full bowl. Don’t let the bottom show! If Bob fills their dry catfood bowl up in the morning and they empty it before anyone gets home, they come and let us know with the Lassie technique the moment we step in the door. But if Bob forgets to fill it up before he leaves, she lets him know in no uncertain terms. Cheetah Brings The Pee.

She will pee in his slippers, or shoes, or any clothing that happens to be laying around. If he actually picks everything up off the bathroom floor, she pees on the bathroom throw rugs.

Question: How many times would YOU forget to fill the bowl, which is right there on the corner of the bathtub where you can easily see it every morning when you do your normal ablutions? Me? Once. Bob? About once every two weeks. I could bail him out, but … it’s his stupid cat. She’s been there MUCH longer than I have – she’s 11 or 12 years old. Tsk. And I don’t use that bathroom. It’s his.

Cheetah hates change, too. I rearranged the new furniture in the living room last night. She pissed all over the love seat when I got off it this morning and went to get another cup of coffee. NOW what in the hell are we supposed to do? She pissed all over the arm and one cushion which immediately ran underneath and got the back and bottom of the loveseat. GAHHHHHH!! Fucking cat.

One thought on “Pissed Off and Pissed On

  1. Holy crap, I think she’s our cat Chili’s long lost soul sister. He’s a little fucker who will pee over anything that doesn’t move, especially when I do something that signals the impending death of the universe… like look at him. He hates me. Loves Tim, though. Loves him to pieces. Hates me.


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