Posting the (sister’s) dog

Okay, this is the cutest picture I’ve seen in ages.

Angus - Pensive

I think he’s depressed because he has to go outside and pee in this:

Snow 1

or this:

Snow 2

Thank Jeebus I live in California.   I don’t care if I never see another flake of snow in person.

5 thoughts on “Posting the (sister’s) dog

  1. he’s a cutie… but maybe he’s depressed because mommy dresses him funny and all of the other dogs taunt him? at least when they can see him above the snow drifts…


  2. bc says:

    They definitely can’t see him above the drifts. And anyway all the cute little shorthair dogs wear jackets in Idaho. Or they freeze to death. It’s de rigueur.
    Bet I spelled that wrong.


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