Nobody cares what you had for dinner

We occasionally eat like kings.

Thursday night I stopped at the grocery store and bought dungeness crabs for dinner.

I made the Meat Kid go back and pull two nice ones out of the fridge and clean them.

I used to clean them myself, just to prove I knew how.  Where I grew up we didn’t have no steenkeen’ crabs.  But after I cleaned enough of them I realized the Meat Kid would do it for free and I didn’t really need to mess with it.   Always evolving, that’s me.

We had fresh sourdough bread with real butter.  We had a salad with baby arugula and some other fancy-ass greens, red bell pepper, ripe avocado and Bob’s Big Boy Bleu Cheese dressing.  That stuff rocks, particularly the full fat version.   Good blue cheese on avocado is about as good as it gets, in my book.  And the crabs. Delectable.   And Fat Tire Amber Ale.  It’s the best dinner we’ve had in ages. Took 90 minutes to eat it.  Everything tasted just right, and then some.  It felt like I was a little bit stoned, I enjoyed it so much.  Bob, too.

Lest you think we dine like that alla time, we had frozen Target brand buffalo wings the night before.   Loves me some buffalo wings generally, but these wings pretty much blew.  Must have used them old, sad chickens, so they had that old, sad chicken taste.  Bleah.  Did we eat all of them anyway?  Of course.

7 thoughts on “Nobody cares what you had for dinner

  1. bc says:

    Well, it takes a long time to eat that much crab. Crack, dig, suck, peel, pick, slurp, etc. And we were drinking beer and talking. So I guess we weren’t really eating the entire time.

    Grandma always told me to chew my food well to prevent gas. Frankly, I think she had it backwards.


  2. lingering over a perfect meal with the family? at home? that’s wondrous! wouldnt be quite as magical if you did it every night – that’s where those frozen hot wings come into play…


  3. bc says:

    Yes! That’s what I was going for here. A minor miracle. Everything just came together and we enjoyed it so much.
    The food worked, we had enough time to wallow in it, we weren’t too tired, nobody was cranky or had any bones to pick. Just … nice.


  4. Mair says:

    Sounds wonderful and yummy! Just the two of you? Positively orgasmic, I say! (Coming from me, who thinks of nothing but sex!)


  5. bc says:

    I miss those days where that was all I ever thought about. I know it never lasts forever with a new love(hell, it never lasts past two years) but it’s so much fun while you’re in the throes of it. Keep me post on anything new and/or interesting – places, positions, etc. 🙂 Feel free to do it on the blog, we can all live vicariously.


  6. Mair says:

    Let’s all take a moment of silence to wish/pray/hope that Mair gets some of the sex she thinks about NON-STOP so she’ll have something to share.


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