Elp-Hay E-May Ease-Play

Ay yi yi, everybody came in this morning and had to face Their New E-mail. Some people, but not many, panicked because Things Were Not The Same. Some people had a million questions, each of which we had to figure out the answers to on the spot as we’ve never used the program before, either.  It’s pretty intuitive for the most part and we are software geeks so it worked out okay.

It sometimes blows me away how much easier this stuff is for me and my co-hort than the other people in the office. It’s my job, I *should* be good at it, but they are almost all really intelligent. Software is just not their strong suit. Ask them about long term care federal regulatory policy and they can talk about it for days. Try to get them to understand that one folder is inside another one …. look out! And be prepared to draw pictures. Mostly everyone was a good sport about it.

I am frelling exhausted.

3 thoughts on “Elp-Hay E-May Ease-Play

  1. in with the good air. out with the bad air. repeat as necessary…

    change is hard for people. for the look of their mailbox – that comfortable place where they did much of their daily business – to change clothes overnight? yikes!

    here’s hoping that by the end of the week, the anxiety subsides. you can also sprinkle xanax or paxil into the coffee pot for quicker relief…


  2. bc says:

    Yes, deep breaths. Tuesday was worse than Monday and I had the desire to kill one particularly high-maintenance person who is possibly the dimmest bulb in the lot. ARrrrrghh. Patience is a virtue, I know.
    I came home and had multiple beers and popcorn for dinner. I feel much better today. But that may be because I don’t have to work!


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