Panic at the OK Corral

So, since that announcement that the flu shot doesn’t cover but 40% of the strains out there, people have been touchy about sickness.  Weird about touching keyboards (me).  Walking far around cubicles with coughing occupants.  Keeping the Purell handy.

It’s a general feeling of unease (dis-ease??) in the air at work, floating there in a palpable layer with all the germs.

The guy in the office next to mine went home mid-afternoon today trying not to vomit on the stairs on the way out.  ACK!  I’m taking my Airborne.  I think it might work – I didn’t catch what Bob had either time he was sick this month.   I’ve just been dragged out and kind of sniffley, never quite succumbing to anything.

But, dammit, I got my Flu Shot.  That should have been enough!