Such a nice day

Spring Has Sprung
The grass is riz;
I wonder where
The birdies is?


I’m pretty sure I blog that dumb rhyme each year. At least I’m predictable! Click the plum tree picture for more springshots.

**And now, I’m going to Pier 1. I need … something.

But first, I might have to make this. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this sort of thing.

** I bought a mirror that matches NOTHING in my house, I think I’ll put it in the front bedroom. Hey, it was clearance. Can’t resist that half off stuff. I was actually looking for a visual headboard for the bed, this is not going to cut it and I should probably take it back. Sigh. Also, I didn’t realize how dorky those bedside lamps look. The scale appears to be all wrong, at least in the pictures. Sigh


I took it back, and got some gigantic black leaves.  I like it much better now.

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