Chris White’s Top Five

Made me laugh today.

February 29, 2008

The Top 20 Celebrity Rapper Names

20> George W. Bush: DC DizzAsta

19> Al Gore: Vanilla Ice-Cream

18> Matthew McConaughey: 6Pac

17> Tyra Banks: M.C. Glamour

16> Andy Pettitte: Stoolio

15> Britney Spears: DJ Snazzy Snatch

14> Marlee Matlin: Mis Def

13> Bill Clinton: Lil’ Wilt

12> Chris White: Quaaludakris

11> Warren Buffett: Kazillionaire

10> Paris Hilton: The Flirtorious V.A.G.

9> Hugh Hefner: Ol’ Lucky Bastard

8> Richard Simmons: Flama Flame

7> Howard Dean: Runs D.N.C.

6> Mary-Kate Olsen: N.R.X.E.A.

5> Michael Jackson: Kid ‘N Play ‘N Don’t Tell Your Mother

4> Michael Vick: Kil Bow Wow

3> Miss Teen South Carolina: Um’n’Um

2> Larry Craig: Queen Latrina Featuring Foot-C

and’s Number 1 Celebrity Rapper Name…

1> Ron Jeremy: Sir Dixalot

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