The Cutest Child Ever Born


When Andrew was little we moved out from the babydaddy and fled to grandma’s little rental in Bumfuck, Egypt.  We were Very Poor and grandma let us live there nearly rent free.

Did I mention that we were Poor?  I decorated with Salvation army stuff.  One of the things I did was, for lack of a better description, an arrangement of crappy old sticks. I thought it was artistic.  Andrew, at two, thought it was lacking something.  He used his pop-apart beads and added “flowers” to the arrangement.   What an eye!

He’s posing here, thinking he was awfully cute.

This was in that pile of pictures that the babydaddy (and ex) recently supplied me with (for buttering up purposes) in preparation for defaulting on the fucking mortgage that he never quite took me off of.   He hasn’t defaulted yet, but I feel it coming.  I feel my credit scores ebbing in the background flow.

11 thoughts on “The Cutest Child Ever Born

  1. Yes he is indeed *ONE* of the cutest children ever born. I say, make the baby daddy SELL the house, finally, after all these years.


  2. bc says:

    Yeah, but then I’ll feel guilty about it for the rest of my life because he won’t ever be able to buy a house again unless he wins the lottery. I know, not my problem. Still, the Guilt! The Guilt!


  3. bc says:

    A while back we contacted a lawyer about this and he said if we decided to purchase a house that my being on that mortgage won’t really be a problem and that we can put in some explanation about it. Hopefully that is actually true and wasn’t lawyerspeak for Hire Me Now and We’ll See.

    nm: Sexually transmitted debt. I’ve never heard that before, but it’s so farking fitting!


  4. a new descriptor: “Sexually transmitted debt”

    i got lucky – my ex is good with his cash. neither one of us ended us fiscally disease ridden.

    the lawyer may have been right – if you’ve got documentation showing there’s no financial connect. i’d still get a second opinion.


  5. bc says:

    My ex was fairly good with his money but really, really bad with his life. He had a spectacular midlife crisis that caused him to quit his (admittedly hard) 80K/yr job and work in a plant nursery for less than half that, where his weirdness and superior arguing skills caused them to go bankrupt. It was all pretty gruesome. I got the fuck out. He never recovered financially. I, OTOH, am doing pretty well now. Part of it is good $$ at work for me these days, part was marrying somebody with a good job who enjoys it. We’re not rich but we can buy expensive booze if we want to.


  6. Mair says:

    Gawd, he is a cute little guy. That cute little guy actually texted me a happy birthday last night. Imagine that!!

    Beth, why doesn’t he have new papers drawn up, without your name on them???? I don’t remember why you’re still on his frackin mortgage, refresh my memory.


  7. bc says:

    Because he’d have to refinance the house to take me off the mortgage, and he’s had a bankruptcy in the last 7 years so he didn’t want to refinance – couldn’t without taking a big hit on the interest rate.
    He took me off the deed of ownership right away …. prick.


  8. bc says:

    HAH I just got my SS statement – in the year we lived at Grandma’s house I earned a whopping $1100. Doing what, I don’t know.


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