Amy Vision

I love her, anyway.


March 11, 2008


Recent Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse
is rumored to be starting her own line
of makeup and hair products. Uh-oh.

The Top 18 Colors Used in Amy Winehouse Cosmetics

18> Cold Sore Crimson

17> Barely Breathing Blue

16> Needle Park Pink

15> Hash Brown

14> Bruised Tomato

13> Blown Vein Burgundy

12> Drop Dead Red

11> Mugshot Mauve

10> Chancre Ochre

9> My Boyfriend Isn’t Such a Bad Guy Fat-Lip Purple

8> Nicotine Nail Yellow

7> Methamphetagreen

6> Khraki

5> Rehabanero-oh-oh Red

4> Jailhouse Jumpsuit Orange

3> Midnight Bluaaaauuggghhhhh!

2> Cadavender

and‘s Number 1 Color
Used in Amy Winehouse Cosmetics…

1> I-Think-I’m-Gonna Puce 

4 thoughts on “Amy Vision

  1. bc says:

    I just love her – Back To Black is the main ringtone on my Blackberry. It drives everybody nuts, including me, but luckily I only get about 2 phone calls a week. No, I love it, I do! It just surprises the crap out of me every time it rings.


  2. I don’t get many calls either, I hate the phone.

    my ring tone used to be a cuckoo clock sound but I jumped out of my skin every time it went off so now I’ve got a normal telephone beep


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