More lists, more often

Dang, I should be getting Chris’ little fivers sent.  This one’s right up my alley.

The Top 8 Internet Terms of 2008

8> “Betiquette” – the social rules of Internet gambling

7> “Trojan Donkey” – a program that’s too lazy to trick you into using it

6> “Lullcat” – the daily mid-afternoon drop in productivity when you start searching for pictures of funny kittens

5> “Amigo Puffing” – highlighting how many friends you have on your Facebook page

4> “Cross-Gender Syncing” – dating

3> “Bimbo Threshold” – the point at which a female celebrity is known more for her Internet cheesecake shots than for anything else she’s ever done

2> “Rectasourcing” – pulling programming expertise out of your ass – (we do this a lot)

and the Number 1 Internet Term of 2008…

1> “Webjobbing” – the full-time job of posting your resume and searching for work on Monster, Careerbuilder, and Dice