6 thoughts on “Things to buy

  1. haha… when the DON moved to goulburn last year she bought a pair of those racing grannies for the gimcrack. we’ve had a lot of fun with them and one patient wants to play with them all the time

    she comes to my desk asking “can I have the old grannies, can I have the old grannies, can I have the old grannies?”

    she’s 87


  2. bc says:

    nm: Oh, I LOVE that you have these in your facility! Perhaps one day you could snap a picture of your granny patient with the racing grannies and share it with us.

    lor: it looks like there’s a knitting container on the bottom of each of the walkers. 🙂


  3. those are beautiful! i have a ‘sparking’ Nunzilla that i keep on my desk at work (for no apparent reason), but i think a racing granny would do just fine!


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