Big Time in the Little City

Bob came home from work today, and the bar that he drives by (< a mile from our house, and I’ve never been, can you imagine??) had two CHPs and 5 sheriff cars in front of it with another one screaming up to the parking lot.

It was a bar fight. I know that because we know someone with a police scanner. It’s 6:00. So early for that sort of transgression! I’m guessing that my little burg has extra patrols on duty tonight to honor St. Pat and they all showed up for this first infraction, thinking it’s probably the only fun any of them will have all night, unless they hit the cop bar.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you get to heav’n afore the divil knows you’re dead!

Wait, one more thing – I’ve posted this before but I just ran across it again today and it made me laugh: