Posting the Cat again

Well, Cheetah’s blood sugar was really high this morning. The vet has decided we have to go to the dreaded “Every 12 Hours” routine.

I knew this once-a-day shit was too easy. I’m going to have to become very friendly with the neighbors and talk them into helping us out if we try to have a life outside the house.

I hate that cat.

4 thoughts on “Posting the Cat again

  1. if the neighbors don’t cooperate, you might consider the petsitter option. i love my petsitters. they will do medications, etc. if needed. plus, the bring in the mail, take in/out the trash can, and would water any living plants if i had some…


  2. bc says:

    Do you think you would hire a petsitter for an hour or two? I wonder how hard it is to find a pet sitter that will give injections.
    Poor Cheetah, she feels like crap. Our big pit x lab has been telling us for a few days that Cheetah was off. She keeps sniffing her and getting a worried wrinkle in her brow.


  3. That’s sweet that the dog noticed. I love labs!

    The 12 hour thing sucks. I’ve done it for one of my cats (fortunately not for long) and I’ve petsit for friends who had to do the same thing. It wasn’t so hard for my cat since I was 15 then and didn’t have much of a life, but later on…? Even getting stuck in traffic, or getting called into work early for a meeting can just push you over the edge for upsetting your 12-hour routine.

    Or, uhm, maybe that’s just me, since I live pretty close to the edge anyway.


  4. it’s worth asking about the injections – i got a referral for the service from my vet. also checked with friends, colleagues, etc. and they all came back to the same service. been thrilled so far – they even bring a friendly dog over as a ‘play date’ for Mr. Pickles!

    the way it works is that i pay $16/visit. i was paying $25/day at the vet. this way, if i leave on a trip mid-day, i can arrange one visit. two visits for a full day (8 am/8 pm)… it’s much better on the mutt… and my stress level.


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