Packing anxiety again

Happy Birthday to me! It’s been pretty low key so far. I’m trying to put the celebratory aspect off until after I get back. Bob bought me the groovy Flip video recorder which is the best thing since digital cameras, I think.  Wait, it IS a digital camera of sorts.   I’ve played around with it a little and it’s really as easy as it looks.

I’m packing again. Off to Kentucky in the morning for another work/education conference. I wish someone would pack for me. I’m the worst packer on the planet. I never pack the right stuff, maybe because my clothes are crap. Maybe I’m just insecure. (yes) Where I’m going requires business casual (which is Dressy to me), which is not the same as California casual. Which I can do. Sort of. Every day to work, in fact.

Anyway, I’m holding up pants and shoes and shirts. Up and down. Will it be comfortable all day? Will I have to hold my stomach in all day? Do I have any shoes to match? Do I have to take a belt? How many pairs of shoes should I take? Can I walk in the shoes back and forth across that big hotel and down to wherever the keynote is? Go out to dinner in whatever outfit I’m in? Does any of my clean stuff NOT have animal hair embedded in it? (No). Which bra will work with the shirt/blouse and can I stand to wear it all day? Do I need my bathing suit? If I take it, will I have the guts to expose my wrinkled white flesh to the public eye? (No). If I decide I do need to swim or sunbathe, should I bring a coverup to wear to the pool or count on a robe at the hotel or? I’m not riding in the elevator in a bathing suit. No way. I’ll have to see these people again.

You know what the real problem here is? I never pay any attention to what anyone else has on or what they might wear down to the pool or to dinner or whatever. What kind of jeans legs are in style now? I think last year might have been very tight to the ankle. Or maybe it was boot cut. I don’t know. I am the least observant person on the planet about things like this. I have no fashion gene and it just haunts me sometimes because I DO have the self-conscious gene. Did I mention that packing turns me into a basket case? EVERY TIME?! Pretty soon I won’t be able to leave the house.


The only thing I know I should pack for sure is a bottle of Maker’s Mark and a bottle of Tums. And clean underwear.

8 thoughts on “Packing anxiety again

  1. Mair says:

    I’m sorry that packing is so traumatic. And I’m sorry that you have no fashion gene. I’ve acquired *some* fashion sense working in a fashion house. I find that when I’m with my St. John friends I’m always the worst dressed person, but when I’m with ANYBODY else, I’m totally stylin… I guess it’s all perspective.

    Have fun in Kentucky, dear. Hope you do something fun and exciting (that doesn’t involve a swimming suit).


  2. bc says:

    You always look great, Mair. Better now than usual, which is probably partly due to the exercise you’ve been getting. 🙂

    You know what’s funny? My old friend Mark is here, too. What I wouldn’t have given 10 or 12 years ago to be in a hotel with him. And now, it’s nothing. Glad he’s here because he’s my friend and tech compadre, but that’s the extent of it. My, my how things do change.

    We’re doing the Maker’s tour tomorrow, that will be fun! Or at least interesting, don’t you think? I have no idea how whiskey is made, except for a vague impression of coiled copper pipes, probably gleaned from watching the Beverly Hillbillies.


  3. Mair says:

    Glad you have someone there to get you out of the hotel room. I definitely remember those days, 10 or 12 years ago…

    Hoping you’ll take some video (if it’s legal) of the Mater’s plant. Sounds fascinating! And yummy. I assume you’ll get tasters.

    On a different Ohhhh, look at the shiny pretty note… I keep glancing at the tag list on the right side of my screen and I keep reading electronic vomiting…


  4. bc says:

    Maters=Maker’s= Maker’s Mark (Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey) … I’m trying to sort thru my video, it’s surprisingly good for a change. I’ll try and figure it out, but I’m way too toasted at the moment. Pizza and mass amounts of beer.


  5. Mair says:

    Obviously I was distracted by the electronic vomiting when I typed Mater’s instead of Maker’s…

    HEY: I’m having pizza and beer, too!


  6. packing can be learned… knits for travel, keeping a rolled up ‘swim’ gear bundle and ‘workout’ gear bundle ready to travel. having standard ‘travel’ combos so that when i pack it becomes rote… oddly, this is something i’m good at. i packed for a 5 day trip to the UK the night before i left…


  7. bc says:

    Daisyfae, do you stay the same size all the time? Usually I’m either a different size or styles are very different between trips. I don’t really travel very much, this year has been an exception.
    What would you pack for a casual(and I mean REALLY casual) cruise? That’s my next trip in October. 🙂 7 days on the boat, a day in San Diego on both ends.


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