Honey, I’m HOME

and glad to be back. I may or may not expound on the conference (and you’ll be happier if I don’t – borrrrring).

A few other random things

From LYD:



On getting used to things:

I know someone (used to, anyway) who lived by a train. There was a 2 a.m. train that would come by every night. It woke me right up when I stayed over night there. The person who lived there only woke up if the train was late. True Story.


On auto-flushing:

I withdrew $100 Wednesday from an ATM in the hotel lobby and stuck it in my jeans pocket.

During a session a little later, I went to the bathroom. Did my business, got up from the toilet and the thing flushed before I was all the way straightened up. The toilets there did that. A lot.

I turned around, yanked my pants up, and the roll of twenty dollar bills fell out of my pocket and into the toilet. The toilet flushed again and I watched horrified as the water swirled past my $100 in the well of the toilet. The bills fluttered, but more or less stayed put. I was afraid to move, thinking I’d trigger the flush reflex again. I also flashed on that old Polish joke about the guy who lost 80 cents down the outhouse hole, and since that wasn’t worth going in after, he threw a hundred dollar bill down there, too. Ha Ha.

I bit the bullet and reached down, plucked the money out and got out of there. It flushed again, but I beat it. I had to wash the money in the sink and dry it between paper towels, all the while hoping that no one I who knew me from the conference would walk in. I patted everything dry and distributed it between 5 different pockets. I figured 5 damp pockets were better than one big wet lump and the bills would dry faster.

Later that same day, my boarding pass jumped out of my pocket and toward the autoflush but this time I was ready for it and caught it before it hit the water. True story.


I must tell you about one of my seatmates on the flight. Weird story, I’ll do it tonight.