New words

I was trying to help a near family member with a computer file problem.

I asked him how big the file was.

“52 Kegabites” he promptly said. He said Kegabites maybe four more times and I started repeating it back to him as Kilobytes, and after a bit he said Kilobytes, too. Once. Then he was back to Kegabites. Ha ha. Can’t teach an old dog, I guess.

Then I was trying to tell him how to attach a file to an email, so I had him right click and select Send To and then choose Recipient.  He couldn’t find it and swore several times that it wasn’t there, and then he found it. “Ahha!” he says, “Send to Re sip uh kunt.”   Yeah.  Re Sip Uh Kunt. Then he said it a few more times so I knew I didn’t hear it wrong.

Sigh. I would go insane if I had to live with a native speaker who botched the language so badly so often. Or, more likely, the person I lived with would go insane from being corrected all the time by Ms. Know-It-All.

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