Comfort is relative – posting the dog for a change

The new dog gets comfortable

Lewi at the end of week one. Does he look comfy? He’s sound asleep, and will soon drip down onto Sissy, below. I was lying up there, too, and he crawled up and under the cushion. What I like here is that his normally tightly curled tail is hanging straight down. We had a hard day! Chasing cats, barking at the locals, etc.

I’ve completely bonded with this dog. Yay! I still don’t know what his story was, but maybe it doesn’t matter. I also don’t know that Sutter Buttes Rescue was completely honest about him, but it’s moot now, anyway. We’re all getting along famously. I still don’t know how old he is. One vet said two, one vet said five.

He was NOT toilet trained, but learned fast and has had no accidents that I’ve found after the first couple of days. He’s very willing to please. Good doggy! I’m still crating him at night in his own crate (after the Goober poop fiasco … don’t ask) and he seems fine with that. He snores almost as loud as Bob does, thank Jeebus for earplugs.

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