Urban Word of the Day

The word for May 06 is
Text Support

Advice, encouragement delivered via text… frequently related to dating and boss hating. Pronounced like tech support.

“Hey, thanks for all the text support last night! I have a coffee date with him today.”


How many of you twitter?  I signed up to follow a few people.  Adult people.  And they more or less twitter non-stop.  How do they do that? Sheesh. All I can ever think about to twitter is food, and really, no one gives a shit what you had for lunch.  Am I right?

It’s entertaining following the different lines of thought, seeing how differently people handle this medium.  Frankly, if I get one out a day it’s a miracle.  I’m a twitter leech.  There’s probably even a real name for that.

3 thoughts on “UWOTD

  1. I twitter! Wait, you probably already know that, don’t you. You should see some of the people I follow, and I say this knowing that I probably get between one and five twitters out per day, but … GOOD FREAKING LORD! Do these people need something to do?!

    Also, I love food.

    And twitters about dogs.

    Just sayin’.


  2. bc says:

    I do know.
    I follow you! I like your updates. (How was the doctor appointment??) I had to quit getting Sharon’s twitters on my phone, though, when she was giving the mile by mile vacation updates. 🙂

    So, check this out, it’s one from Lynn Langit, whom I follow for no relevant reason, other than that I hope that some of her brains rub off on me:
    llangit: listening to ‘Clang Boom Steam’ (Tom Waits), writing about pivot currency & conversion cardinality in BIDS.
    So, I’ll follow that up with a post on dog poop. :):)


  3. Mair says:

    Soooo, how dumb does it make me if I don’t know what twittering is???? I believe that makes me a twitter-notter.


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