Happy Saturday and Sears Kenmore LG Review

Hi there, Happy Saturday. It’s a really nice day here. To celebrate, I’m going to go blast the grease off the barbeque. Wish me luck.

Had the Sears refrigerator repair guy here today. We thought we bought a nice fridge a year ago. Wrong. It was an uber-expensive piece of shit. Kenmore Elite branded LG. Model number 795-77572600. French doors, freezer on the bottom, water and ice in the left door. Sounds really nice, eh? Not so much. I mean, it would be except …. Uneven cooling. The bottom shelf cracked – not the glass, the plastic that holds it in. The deli drawer has crappy stress cracks all over it. The icemaker quit working last week. The doors won’t shut unless you hold your mouth right. You need a crowbar to get them open again. The alarm to tell you the door’s still open works about 50 % of the time, so it’s almost but not quite better than not having an alarm at all. Feh. Made in Korea, assembled in Mexico. What does LG stand for? Loser Goods. Lovely Goddess, Liquid Gold, Leftover Garbage. Last Gasp. Luckily, this is the one appliance we bought an extended warranty on. Must have had a premonition.
I’ve heard their phones are quite nice. Maybe they should stick to that Line of Goods.

In other news, Lewi bit me and made me bleed like a stuck pig last night. Little fucker. It was over a squeak toy. We’re going to have to get over that little hump or he’s going to walk with a limp. The dog dissing isn’t working for us. I need to go back and watch how Cesar does it. I’ve seen him fix this exact same problem. Just can’t remember how he did it.
Here’s Lewi and Goob wrestling at my feet, only watch it if you’re bored stiff. It’s just dogs chewing on each other. I think it’s amusing, but I’m easily amused. It gets a little funnier at the end.

One more thing. I wish I was THERE instead of here. This is a good time, we went one year. Nice people, great beer. Beautiful place.

We’re going to the coast next weekend, Son has agreed to come babysit the fur kids for the duration. Party Hardy! Sissy is always so happy when we leave, because she then gets lots of face time with her favorite person in the world. And it’s also the only time she can get on the bed and the couch. I love that she’s smart enough not to do that when we’re here. Only if Son is babysitting.

3 thoughts on “Happy Saturday and Sears Kenmore LG Review

  1. bc says:

    I had an immediate picture of me trying to winch the damn thing up to the roof. It was appealing in a sweaty, ridiculous way.

    The repair guy said, “You’ve had it too long. They won’t take it back.”

    I wonder if camping out in the appliance department would help. I need Cutthroat Bitch to manage this for me.


  2. bring the pit from down the street – after he’s darted – and drop him off with the nice gentlemen at Sears… fixes two problems at once!


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