Can I just say

How gross it is to have a urinal be the first thing I see when my web browser opens up? What was I thinking?

Hence, this uselss less [um, that would be USELESS] post.

Wait, one thing:

We have Sissy, the pit x lab, the new little dog Lewi, and the Giant German Shepherd, Gunnar, aka Goober. (Goober answers to both, and is usually called Goober for obvious reasons if you know him.)

This morning in my pre-coffee stupor I was putting them out and Goober and Lewi were were having an annoying doorway scene at my feet. I fumbled for words and yelled, “Gooey!!! Get Out!”

Goober + Lewi, get it? They got it, and got out.

Okay, I thought it was funny. But it WAS early.

2 thoughts on “Can I just say

  1. Perfect!Gooey is good!They both heard their respective names in there.
    When Angus was new at my house, I would practically be sleep walking at night when he wanted out (always twice, once in a while even three times)and would always call him Agnus! I just couldn’t quite remember his name.


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