Weekend trip

So far, this has been quite fun. Bob and I took a bunch of pictures
but haven’t had time to put any captions on them yet.
We’re going to wander around a little more and then head home this afternoon.

So far the best part has been the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse.They have a real working Fresnel Lens
Fresnel Lens and it was just beautiful flashing in the light.

More later, d00ds, off to the Botanical Gardens.

4 thoughts on “Weekend trip

  1. bc says:

    This one was gone for a long time, replaced by some modern light, and some group lobbied the Coast Guard to put the original back up. And they did.
    I was telling my bud Vee about the trip and how much we enjoyed the lighthouse.

    She made an odd face and said, “When we went there, we went up to the top and there were curtains up, and they dropped the curtains and the light blazed in and the landscape appeared and it literally knocked me to the floor and I had to crawl down the stairs on my hands and knees, vomiting the entire way. I couldn’t even stand back up.” Apparently she had a little fear of heights thing going on.

    And, demonstrating one of the many reasons I love her, she said, “You know me, I hate for anything to get the better of me, so I went to another lighthouse. Same thing happened, though. Barfed my way down the stairs.”


  2. bc says:

    Methinks you are right. Fixed now. This is what I get for dragging the picture of the lens around trying to mess with it too much.
    Thanks for the heads-up, wolfie.


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