The word for May 23 is staycation

A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.

Due to gas being over $4.00 a gallon we’ll be enjoying the comforts of home during our staycation.


Mmm, Cherries

We have a cherry tree in the side yard. I can’t keep up with it. Last year, no problem because the wind had blown 90 percent of the blooms off the tree early in the year. This year, not. It’s loaded and drooping from all the fruit.

The dogs and I have developed a routine around eating cherries.  The new dog picked it right up.

I get home from work, head out to the cherry tree, and start eating whichever cherries are darkest. It’s hard to tell what’s what, because the sun is starting to set and the cherries against the sky all look darker than they are. I’m jumping the gun a little, because they’re mostly not that ripe. Doesn’t really matter, though, I eat them anyway, ’cause that’s how I roll.

The dogs follow me around and vie for the pits I spit. Can’t imagine why. But I guess that’s the way THEY roll. It’s funny to watch (and listen) to them rooting around crunching the pits. If this year follows last year’s pattern, in a day or two the dogs won’t be waiting for the pits, they’ll just graze the tree like deer and go for the cherries. Also very funny to watch.  I should get the husband to take a picture of us all grazing around the cherry tree.

You’ll be happy to know that the cherry tree is fenced off from the dogs during the day so they don’t graze themselves into a stomach ache or a stupor. Well, they do, but it’s only at night, when I’m doing the same thing.

Work thing

Two of my cohorts and I watched a webinar today. We projected it so we could all see.

It was a geek trying to introduce some new software for people who belong to his organization to use to update their information. My opinion: Geeks do better under the covers/hood, sales people do better giving the presentations. Now and again there are people who can do both, but they are few and far between.

Kyle is not one who can do both. I’m not knocking him, I’ve known him for years and he’s Smart. But … he’s a geek.

He was using GoToWebinar, which is a lovely inexpensive piece of software for doing online webinars. Generally, it’s set up so only the organizer and the panelists can speak in the conference call. The rest of the audience is always muted. This works better than you might think.

There’s a chat box that each participant can see on their screen, and Kyle can see them all. During the presentation we could type questions via the chat screen, and when he was done he would answer them.  I was elected the typist for our little group.

We alternately made fun of and felt sorry for Kyle during the presentation and then more so during the Q and A. A lot of the questions were from non-geeks and were programmatical in nature – not his thing and he kept apologizing for not knowing the answers. I threw in a few geeky questions he could answer and some he couldn’t.

We were still mostly engaged, and he kept trying to wrap it up after a half hour with, “Are there any more questions? Oh, looks like there’s one more,” and he’d try and answer it. After maybe 6 or 7 times doing this routine, he asked one more time in a plaintive voice, “Are there any more questions?”

The woman sitting beside me leaned over and made typing motions to me. She growled, “Yeah, what are you wearing?”


Hah hah. Long ways to go for that one line. Maybe you had to be there. 🙂

Pretty in pink

pretty rhododendren

Click the pic to see it larger. The Rhododendrons were in bloom at the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Bragg on the coast. They were magnificent. What an awesome place that is! If you’re ever in the area (Mendocino coast) take a tour of the gardens. It’s at least an hour, and you easily could spend all day there. I’ll try to upload a batch of the pictures soon.

One more while I’m here:

Rhododendren 2

Weekend trip

So far, this has been quite fun. Bob and I took a bunch of pictures
but haven’t had time to put any captions on them yet.
We’re going to wander around a little more and then head home this afternoon.

So far the best part has been the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse.They have a real working Fresnel Lens
Fresnel Lens and it was just beautiful flashing in the light.

More later, d00ds, off to the Botanical Gardens.

Quote O’ The Day

“When you’re single again, at the beginning you’re very optimistic and you say, ‘I want to meet someone who’s really smart, really sweet, really sensitive.’ And six months later you’re like, ‘Lord, any mammal with a day job.'”

–Carol Leifer