Pretty in pink

pretty rhododendren

Click the pic to see it larger. The Rhododendrons were in bloom at the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Bragg on the coast. They were magnificent. What an awesome place that is! If you’re ever in the area (Mendocino coast) take a tour of the gardens. It’s at least an hour, and you easily could spend all day there. I’ll try to upload a batch of the pictures soon.

One more while I’m here:

Rhododendren 2

Weekend trip

So far, this has been quite fun. Bob and I took a bunch of pictures
but haven’t had time to put any captions on them yet.
We’re going to wander around a little more and then head home this afternoon.

So far the best part has been the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse.They have a real working Fresnel Lens
Fresnel Lens and it was just beautiful flashing in the light.

More later, d00ds, off to the Botanical Gardens.

Quote O’ The Day

“When you’re single again, at the beginning you’re very optimistic and you say, ‘I want to meet someone who’s really smart, really sweet, really sensitive.’ And six months later you’re like, ‘Lord, any mammal with a day job.'”

–Carol Leifer

Meme Central

Why is it that I rarely do memes and the people I read rarely do memes?  Inquiring minds want to know.
Here’s one I just saw I liked so I’m stealing, revising it, and tagging some other non-meme people I know.

1. What are five things on your to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

2. What are five snacks you enjoy?

3. What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

4. What are five of your bad habits?
 If you don’t have any bad habits, make something up so we’ll feel better.

There were two more concerning places you’ve lived and jobs you’ve had but we’ve seen all those.


1. What are five things on your to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

At least two loads of laundry, maybe 5, have about 8 to actually do
Re-process all the shit on my desk and not touch it anymore (hah, good one, bc)
Write up the baby-sitter’s list of Things To Do when we’re gone
Add flea control to the dogs and cats

2. What are five snacks you enjoy?
Chips and salsa
spicy chips and cottage cheese, or any chips and cottage cheese
hot pickled okra (only you and I will admit to this, Paula, I’m sure)
vodka with olives
TLC cheese crackers    I’m all about the carbs and spicy/salty …

3. What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
Buy an airplane
Buy some airport personnel
Learn to fly the plane
F*ck those airport security lines, I’m going to Thailand
Find a great presidential candidate and get him/her elected

5. What are five of your bad habits?
 If you don’t have any bad habits, make something up so we’ll feel better.
Loves me a martini
Eating carby snacks in nearly unlimited quantities
Whining when things hurt
Not walking the dogs nearly enough
Not picking up food I drop when I cook, hoping the dogs will do it for me

There.  Now, having never actually tagged anyone to do this in public, can my 3 regulars belly up to the bar and have at it?   Maybe Lorena, DaisyFae, Kathy, Mair, possibly NM? Yes, I can count, no, I can’t imagine even three of them doing it.  At *least* three of them could be really funny, though.

On cyberwar

Reprinted from Crypto-Gram, by Bruce Schneier [schneier@SCHNEIER.COM]

On April 27, 2007, Estonia was attacked in cyberspace.  Following a
diplomatic incident with Russia about the relocation of a Soviet World
War II memorial, the networks of many Estonian organizations, including
the Estonian parliament, banks, ministries, newspapers and broadcasters,
were attacked and — in many cases — shut down.  Estonia was quick to
blame Russia, which was equally quick to deny any involvement.

It was hyped as the first cyberwar: Russia attacking Estonia in
cyberspace.  But nearly a year later, evidence that the Russian
government was involved in the denial-of-service attacks still hasn’t
emerged. Though Russian hackers were indisputably the major instigators
of the attack, the only individuals positively identified have been
young ethnic Russians living inside Estonia, who were pissed off over
the statue incident.

You know you’ve got a problem when you can’t tell a hostile attack by
another nation from bored kids with an axe to grind.

This article goes on for another 4 pages but if you’re interested, you can read the rest of it on Bruce’s blog, at

Front page for Crypto-Gram:

PowerPoint singalong

And now from, the BuzzWord of the Day is …

PowerPoint singalong

A presentation read verbatim from the slides without observations, notes, comments or asides of any kind. Monotone optional, but not required.
Nominated by Mark Simon

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Can I just say

How gross it is to have a urinal be the first thing I see when my web browser opens up? What was I thinking?

Hence, this uselss less [um, that would be USELESS] post.

Wait, one thing:

We have Sissy, the pit x lab, the new little dog Lewi, and the Giant German Shepherd, Gunnar, aka Goober. (Goober answers to both, and is usually called Goober for obvious reasons if you know him.)

This morning in my pre-coffee stupor I was putting them out and Goober and Lewi were were having an annoying doorway scene at my feet. I fumbled for words and yelled, “Gooey!!! Get Out!”

Goober + Lewi, get it? They got it, and got out.

Okay, I thought it was funny. But it WAS early.