7 thoughts on “On translation

  1. bc says:

    Apparently, yes. May He Poop On My Knee is another one, but it didn’t make me laugh like the first one did.

    Not on the subject and probably a stupid place to ask, but, Hey, do you really get to go to Spain? If yes, give Az a chin-up and a hang-in-there hug for me.


  2. Well, that made me laugh out loud … think I shall have to swipe it for my blog.

    Yep, nursemyra is getting here tomorrow and then daisy the week after. I will remind daisy about your hang-in-there hug (thanks!).

    This last question confused me. Doesn’t being alive mean I’m undead?


  3. bc says:

    YAY! Hi Ann. Glad you liked it. I still listen to the streaming blues I found on your site so I’m happy to share something with YOU.


  4. preparing hugs! hard to believe i just stumbled into the blogosphere in January, and am now trotting off to Europe to hang out with my “imaginary friends in the internet” (as the kids call them…)


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