Random sightings

Bend over and take it in the ass now – advertising during Burn Notice – it’s for real!

My lucky day:
I’ve never seen one of these, in all my 52 years, in hardboiled form – several in the frying pan, but none in this lovely hardboiled twinned form.

Bob’s Special Chinese Tallow dandruff:

Bob's Special Chinese Tallow Dandruff

Special rolling-into-the-valley-smog (gag me); the desert was so very much nicer. No, really, look at the skyline to the left of the hills. Isn’t that awful? San Bernardino, a good reason not to be there.

Possibly the most nauseating stop I’ve ever done with TiVO. Srsly, we couldn’t look at it without becoming nauseous. Can’t look at it now, even.

Andrew begins the long and arduous journey to becoming a Rock Star.

Our lame fireworks in front of the house – makes me long for the days of M-80s and Piccolo Petes I could pinch.

Andrew brands the street:
He burnt the living shit out of one of his fingers shortly after this. I made my tongue bleed biting on it, trying not to say I TOLD YOU SO. Frakkin’ Aries and their fire fixations. I’m old, I barely do it any more.