Twittering again

Twitter has certainly eaten up a lot of my time lately. I’m always looking for a good distraction and this may be the ultimate. Bzz Bzz every few minutes. Need to concentrate on something? Best turn the phone off. Cuz I guarantee you can’t concentrate if you follow some of the people I follow. Yesterday and some today it’s all about the new iPhone and the spectacular problems Apple is having with their server loads. I expect them to start putting up a failwhale of some sort any time now. Maybe an Aggravating Apple. Bob hasn’t been able to get to his mail for 3 days now.

My favorite tweets today from tj:
Mobile Me: “Our logo is a cloud because your data has evaporated.” about 2 hours ago from twitterrific

Mobile Me: “It’s like .Mac, Except with different features that don’t work.” about 3 hours ago from twitterrific

Good morning iPhone/MobileMe. Nice of you to delete all of my contacts on my iPhone, but would you consider syncing from “the cloud” now?

My son is now Following me. That makes about three now. w00+!!11 I don’t have to worry about being too circumspect, my tweets are mainly boring as hell. I just post ’em so I’m not a complete lurker.

Funny/Interesting/sometimes crude people to follow on Twitter:








@hotdogsladies (Merlin Mann)





Smart people to follow for some industry buzz (and some of the people above are good fer the buzz, too)






@WilW (and sometimes very funny, too)

Some smart but normal people who might talk about knitting and dinner:


@MrsMagoo (me!)




In a class by herself –

@zadi (who is pretty normal but also a _star_ and one of those people I could love dearly)

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  1. Aww, thanks! You make me want to blog about eating knitting for dinner! Mmmm, my captcha word is “cheese”… possibly my favorite food!


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