Convict shave

Dudes, here’s the “after” haircut.

I know dogs shouldn’t get on the furniture but he’s too short to look out the window. I’m being lenient in regards to this particular piece of furniture.  His stumpy little hind legs get tired if he has to balance on them for too long when he looks out the window.

His head is such a funny shape, and he’s sitting so regally there.  NOT.  The pink areas are his skin where I scalped him. Note the terrible eyebrows and trim job on his feet.  His weiner is pretty bad, too, which you can see on the next to last picture if you’re interested. 🙂

I told him he was very pretty now and he seems to be okay with it.   You can click the pictures to see them a little bigger.

Poor Lewi's haircut

Lewi and Goober Aka Gunnar AKA The Scarecrow (If I Only Had A Brain).

The neighbors came home and rescued Howlio from the back yard and let him out in the front.  All three of my dogs were whining and shrieking out the window  [MOM!!MOM!!MOM!! LOOK OUTSIDE THERES A DOG A DOG A DOG WE’RE LOOKING WE’RE LOOKING MOM! MOM! MOM! LOOK LOOK !!!LOOK!!!. ] I went to get the camera to see if I could capture the intensity of the moment, but now, when I got back Sissy crawled under the table and flipped me off.   The other two stuck around for the photo op, albeit a bit calmer.

Lewi and Goob

The bad haircut in all its glory.

Shih tsu hair should look more like this:


Not in my lifetime.

5 thoughts on “Convict shave

  1. wow! never saw a shih tsu without fur before! they’re even funnier looking than they are with all the hair! i’d keep him buzz cut – and laugh all the time when he sits on the table like that!


  2. bc says:

    The other reason to keep his hair short: He wrestles non-stop with Goober and Goober puts Lewi’s entire head or body in his mouth while they’re doing the wrestling. The end result is dog spit everywhere on the little dog. It gets stiff when it dries and requires fairly frequent bathing. That’s a lot harder with long hair.
    They take turns when they wrestle. Goob pulls Lewi around by the head or body for a minute, then lets go, and then Lewi grabs Goob’s ear or cheek and pulls him around for a minute, then they trade off again. It’s highly entertaining.


  3. makes me want a second mutt… one of my son’s friends brings his dog, Gonzo, over for “play dates”, and it’s just one giant dog-ball, rolling up and down hallways, stairways… leaving a trail of slobber and fur! moving soon to a condo, so need to wait on additional critters…


  4. Mair says:

    Sounds like Doggie Wrestle Mania at your houses, ladies. My darling, beautiful, well-trained Shih Tzu/Chihuahua got an absolute HACK JOB of a haircut from his mommy… Baaaaad mommy. He looks a little like a very small valosa raptor (think Jurassic Park). My friends are all very embarrassed for him. Poor little Rad. I, too, told him he was beautiful and he seems to be fine with that. No lowered self-esteem evident.


  5. bc says:

    Mair, send a pic of Rad’s Bad Do and I’ll post it for you. I’m off to work now, though, a frakking server blew up. I hate my job.


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