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from awryone:

Vets claim cats cost half as much as dogs to keep healthy.

But, you’ll pay double in lowered self-esteem and constant doubt of their love.


4 thoughts on “More Twitter

  1. Aha – spoken like someone who has never had cats. I spent a lovely long time this evening with my Sunny sprawled across my lap purring like mad and looking up at me with huge blue lovey-dovey eyes. That guy loves me to pieces. And so does Azar – it’s so adorable that he always has to come up for his bedtime cuddle before he’ll settle down to sleep.

    No doubts over here. 🙂


  2. bc says:

    Neither of the cats we have right now are particularly lovey, but I’ve had ones like that in the past. I say neither, because we only have two that are visible. The third is invisible during the day. She [boys named her Ray Lynn, then Ray Mo, then just Moe] only comes out to tell me to come to bed, and then she purrs and drools and plays the piano in my hair until one of us gets tired of it. I know she loves me, but it is that “conditional” kind of love – she only loves me after dark, and I have to be laying down. Or at least sitting still. She’s a weird cat. Probably the name warped her.


  3. I stand corrected. Wow, you even have an invisible cat. I had a very weird one for about 12 years (Sunny’s mother, Lua). Actually, she was a total bitch on paws, but she also did the hair thing when I was in bed. It was the only time she was ever “affectionate” or would let me touch her. The two boys are totally the opposite.

    I kind of like that cats are choosy.


  4. bc says:

    You know, you might have just figured out the answer. It might be gender. These stuck up cats are all female. My lovey ones have all been male, now that I think back about it. Hmmm. You can probably see the lightbulb over my head from there.


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