Sunday Serenade

Sacramento Blues Society put on a show – 2008 Blues Divas – on August 10th.  It was a strange little venue and there weren’t very many people there.  They missed a good show!

Gail Bisho and Criminals of Love, not to be confused with the Gangsters of Love.  The guy playing the interesting bass thingy was her husband.   They teach somewhere.  Nice how I remember all the details.  Blame Beer and an aging mind.  NOTE:  IF YOU KNOW ANY OF THESE DETAILS, LEAVE A COMMENT!!! I’ll update as necessary.

My friend Jill was with me, she said, “Geez, he looks like a dentist.”  And from there on out, that’s all I could see when I looked at him.  Dancing, playing, dentist.  Dammit, Jill!

Gail wrote all their songs, and she’s actually a pretty good songwriter, should maybe be selling them songs in Nashveeel.  They were *that* sort of hooky-pop-country tunes.   Seriously, if someone else would sing them they’d be popular with a large chunk of the nation and she’d be rich.

I’d have to say Gail doesn’t sing much better than I do, but she has fun up on stage.  She also has about as much charisma and stage presence as I do, but playing on stage probably legitimizes her and the dentist for their music students.

Gail Rockin' It With The Dentist

Gail and The Dentist Rockin’ It

This is Lisa Phenix and Steve Wall.  Lisa has a Wonderful Voice, sounds like she should be doing folk a la Lucinda Williams rather than blues, but her version of Summertime was smokin’.  I meant to buy her CD while I was there but spaced it.  littlewing-lisaphenix

Steve Wall accompanied her.  He played with the Beer Dawgs and was awesome and more or less stole the show from Lisa.  By awesome, I mean that he played slide almost as good as my hero Roy Rogers.  Maybe as good.  I’m not a music connoisseur but I know what I like.  Steve made my jaw drop.  And he had such fun doing it!   I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing/hearing great people play up close and personal like this.  I hope I get to see both of them again sometime, singly or together.

Iron women (center front of stage)

And now we pause from our musical adventure to take a moment and make fun of the biker chicks, because life has just been too safe lately.

These were the Iron Cowgirls, and they were having Some Fun.   Now, this isn’t much of a picture, but there are more coming.  I wanted to put this one in here because of the little old man.  We were worried he was going to have a heart attack but he danced and sweated like a man half his age – 50.   He was having a damned good time and danced with all the wimmens.  Later there’s a pic that looks like (I hope) he spilled a drink on his pants.

Iron Troll

The iron girls give Marshall a headache

The iron girls give Marshall Wilkerson(sp?) a headache

Iron Pony?

I have a shirt like the red and black and white one on the right.  I’m going to have to throw it away now. Related: I didn’t get any really great shots of the missing teeth. </catiness>

Back to the music:

Next up was Dana Moret.  She’s fun to watch and has a good voice and presence on stage. She used to sing with Mick Martin and crew, don’t know who she’s with now.  We enjoyed her.  She livened things up.

Lena Mosley

Lena Mosley

Lena Mosely —  She’s an old pro and crowd pleaser but I don’t actually know anything about her except that I’d watch her again.  Here’s a little bit about her.

Annie Sampson

Annie Sampson at SBS Blues Divas event - August 2008

Annie Sampson played last –  She was wonderful.  What a voice!  I’d never heard of her, either, but she’s been around a long time and has sung with every good musician on the planet. That guy on the guitar was good, too, but I don’t know who he was.  If you do, please add a comment and I’ll update.

Sorry (or are you glad?) the people after the biker chicks got such short shrift.  I didn’t take notes and I wrote the first part of this post right after the event, and the second, leaner part too many days later.

Dictionary Entry

So, if anyone wants to know what WTF means, point them to this picture.  It’s Wil Wheaton with a lovely new gift from a “friend”.

With friends like that ….

The people on his blog think that it looks like Ferdinand Marco or Tiger Woods. HA HA HA. I’m going with Ferdinand.

I’m going to buy one of these paintings if he starts selling them on his website.  And then I’ll buy a bullfighter and Elvis and I can have a whole lovely Velvet Gallery.  Can’t wait!


August 24: Guitarthritis

The medical condition causing pain in the wrists after playing guitar hero for an extended amount of time.

“Man, I need to set this axe down.  My wrists hurt from my guitarthritis.”

My nephew the Guitar Hero God probably has carpal tunnel from playing it so much. But I’ll bet he says it’s from being on the computer so much.  Homework!

Don’t think of an elephant

This made me laugh.  I clicked the link and left the big picture on my monitor and went to bed last night (NOT thinking about his junk)  and forgot about it.  Woke my computer up this morning and that ugly thing scared the shit out of me for just a fraction of a second when it showed up.  It was rather gratifying. 🙂


FRAK.  I have a boatload of drafts, all of which need work, and no desire to do anything to them.

But I can’t bear to look at the Evinrude joke on top of the blog anymore, so I’m posting this.  So there, ennui.


Some days these just kill me.

One of the twitterers (tj, probably) said, “Fuck sex checking Phelps – they need to check for an Evinrude up his ass.

–==++   TopFive’s News Headlines   ++==–
Russian Tanks Drop Georgia to Number 8 in Coaches Poll

Phelps’ Accepts French Team’s Dare to Swim Back Home

Freddie Mac Suffers More Loses, Fleetwood Mac Goes Its Own Way

Study: Countries Where People Busy Not Starving to Death Win
Fewer Medals

Male Viewers Unsure About Appropriateness of Being Aroused by
Chinese Gymnasts

Credits: Bingo Yarwell (1), Doug Frank (2), Jerry L. Embry (3),
David Kass (4), Joseph Moore (5)

Send submissions to


August 13: Destinesia

When you get to where you were intending to go, you forget why you were going there in the first place. Not to be confused with being stoned, destinesia often occurs during working hours, and is the cause of much frustration.

John ran down the stairs to the dry storage and walk-in, but when he got there he couldn’t remember what he needed. Consequently, he had to run back upstairs to the kitchen, and look at his prep list again. Damn you, destinesia!

Urban Word of the Day

too many tweets, too little time

@hotdogsladies (Merlin Mann) twittering on managing your e-mail – or maybe this came from his website, I don’t remember because I started doing something else and turned this into a draft I just discovered.

Anyway …

“Time and attention are the most precious things you have in life. How many of us are learning how to manage our attention?”


Look, a chicken!

I worry about that a lot.  Not chickens, but managing priorities.    I only have x amount of attention and energy to give things.  Every day I have to re-prioritize my priorities.  Yes, I need to get that upgrade done ASAP, but the peaches will rot on the counter if I leave them.  That sort of adjustment would be a seasonal adjustment.  Maybe I have seasonal adjustment disorder.  SAD.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Still, every day I fret about it.  Very unproductive, this fretting. Lot of FAIL involved there.

What’s really spectacular is how much time I waste twittering.  Tweeting.  Reading tweets. Conclusion:

Priorities:  I’m doing it wrong.