too many tweets, too little time

@hotdogsladies (Merlin Mann) twittering on managing your e-mail – or maybe this came from his website, I don’t remember because I started doing something else and turned this into a draft I just discovered.

Anyway …

“Time and attention are the most precious things you have in life. How many of us are learning how to manage our attention?”


Look, a chicken!

I worry about that a lot.  Not chickens, but managing priorities.    I only have x amount of attention and energy to give things.  Every day I have to re-prioritize my priorities.  Yes, I need to get that upgrade done ASAP, but the peaches will rot on the counter if I leave them.  That sort of adjustment would be a seasonal adjustment.  Maybe I have seasonal adjustment disorder.  SAD.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Still, every day I fret about it.  Very unproductive, this fretting. Lot of FAIL involved there.

What’s really spectacular is how much time I waste twittering.  Tweeting.  Reading tweets. Conclusion:

Priorities:  I’m doing it wrong.