The clock is ticking

By the time you finish reading this sentence, a child living in extreme poverty will have died from hunger or hunger-related illness. One child every 6 seconds, gone.

It seems that a dollar doesn’t go far these days, but that’s not always the case. It takes just 25¢ to fill one of the “red cups” the World Food Programme uses to give hungry children a regular school meal of porridge, rice or beans. $1 will feed four children, and $15 will feed 10 children for a week. To provide nouirishment plus a continuing income boost for a family, $25 will buy two chickens, $75 a goat.

The Hunger Project is another top rated charity.  The Hunger Project’s approach builds self-reliant communities at the grassroots level so they have greater resilience and capacity to meet their challenges and achieve goals of self sufficiency.  The Hunger Project concentrates on helping women –

  • The African Woman Food Farmer Initiative (AWFFI) has provided loans to more than 95,000 partners, totaling US$5.7 million, where previously women had no access to credit.
  • To date, 18 women-led rural banks have gained government recognition. The banks are owned entirely by their members and managed by the women participating in AWFFI.
  • More than 450,000 people have taken the HIV/AIDS and Gender Inequality Workshop, in which they not only learn the facts of AIDS, but also confront and transform the gender-based behaviors that fuel the pandemic.
  • More than 65,000 elected women representatives in India are speaking out and bringing water, health and education to their villages.
  • 100,000 animators of whom 40 percent are women, in Bangladesh are initiating projects such as campaigns against early marriage, dowry and violence against women; education programs for safe drinking water, nutrition and sanitation; birth registration for rural communities; and income-generating activities

Donate to The Hunger Project here.

October 17th, two days from now, is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Between now and then, please, Give A Buck. Or five. Whatever you can. And ask your friends to do the same. If enough of us do this, then maybe, just maybe, six seconds will pass without incident. And then the next six seconds. And the next……

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