Possible tiny hiatus

I bought new guts for my computer yesterday.  Not everything, but new mobo, processor, memory.  Still have the same crappy outdated video,  sound, and burners.  

Anyway, we busted the box open and ripped it up last night.  Got the new stuff installed, I just need to herc it back in and plug it in.  Which I’m avoiding, because I know what will happen.  BEEEEEP BEEEP BEEP goes the POST.   Happens every time, and then I have to unhook everything, do it again, and then hook stuff up one thing at a time, boot, listen for beeps, connect the next thing ….  I HATE HARDWARE.   Bob likes it, and finished up the install last night, but he was also three sheets to the wind, so the initial boot is a frightening prospect.  Same old hard drives, hope they’re connected in order … feck.

I have this laptop, but I never have a mouse for it (lamer, moi) and I hate all touchpads.   So I don’t ever do any heavy duty work on it.  

I still have to post about the cruise and Mexico and all, and now my vacation is over.  I thought two weeks would be enough, but, nooooo.  Lots to talk about, many times many pics.  We did the Swimming With The Dolphins thing in Cabo, which has long been a dream of mine.  You can’t wear sunblock, and my poor nose and chin both got blistered.  Very attractive.  WAY worth it, though.  It was cool beyond words.   Pictures soon, soon.  Maybe.  If my farking computer is ever usable again.

Meanwhile, here’s a scary as hell article in R.S. by Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Greg Pallast about voter registration fraud being perpetrated against voters all over the country.  Steal Back The Vote!


Thanks Silverstar98121 for the heads-up on this voter registration problem.  Do you think throwing money at it at this late date does any good?

One thought on “Possible tiny hiatus

  1. I don’t know if it will help at this late date. I actually think Palast and Kennedy are about a month behind-hand. Most states have closed voter registration by now. You can still register until Monday here in Washington, but only by going in person to the elections department.
    As to the throwing money thing, they have to pay all those attorneys, or at least some of their expenses, to have them available to run down to the polls if you call their 800 number. If you can call and get someone there to assist you with voting, then I think it’s worth it.


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