Missionary Zeal

I keep the front screen door propped open with a yoga brick when I’m home and the weather’s temperate. This is so the cat’s have easy ingress and egress. They’re happy that way.

The dogs have been trained to stay in and not go through the front door. They sit at the open door and whine and cry when children go by on bikes or neighborhood cats sit in front of the door and taunt them. They stay where they are supposed to. They don’t go past the threshold.

This morning, I saw two young men in suits across the street. I assumed (correctly) they were Mormon missionaries. I had the shower going, wanted to get in, did not want to discuss religion. I decided it would give the missionaries a thrill to have my loud mean barking big fang-ful dogs answer the open door when bell rang. I figured everyone would be fine, the missionaries would just go away petrified, and the dogs would get a little exercise jumping up and down and barking at the strangers per usual.

I got in the shower and pretty soon there was a big commotion and I heard Bob hollering at the dogs to GET BACK IN HERE. Turns out they really like Mormon missionaries. Enough that the dogs (unless it was actually the missionaries) opened the door (!) and went out onto the porch to lick and drool and wiggle around on them and get petted and scritched. Damned dogs. They get an “F” in guard dog duty today.

4 thoughts on “Missionary Zeal

  1. bc says:

    Yoga brick – a prop, made out of hard-ish foam, easy to kick around. In yoga, you use it if you can’t reach the floor yet. It works best as a door stop.


  2. good dogs… mine would likely bark a short friendly yelp as the axe-wielding clown was about to bring it down into my skull. so i’ll at least see it coming…


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