Fun With Gmail

Hey kids, did you notice your gmail looked a little different? Yes, it’s true, they switched the theme on you from old to new sometime in the last 48 hours.

This is of little consequence, BUT they also now have a tab for Themes under Settings (top right).  It’s got all sorts of new themes to pretty up your inbox.  Even Ninjas!  I tried a lot of them out and settled on Graffiti, but I’ll get tired of that and go back to Oceans before long.  If you want to go blind, try the the Terminal theme. If you’re an old programmer it might feel like old home week.

In other news, I took Lewi in and had him professionally cleaned and clipped.  I have to tell you, his haircut doesn’t look any better than when I do it AND I got to pay big bucks for it.

4 thoughts on “Fun With Gmail

  1. I chose the beaches theme. It asks where you are, and changes with the time. It’s all kind of dark and purple now, but was green and brown earlier. Waiting to see what happens next.


  2. bc says:

    Yes, I’m back to beaches already – it’s nice! I don’t care if Google is/are our new overlord(s). I really like and use just about everything they do.


  3. Ah, so that’s what the Beaches one is all about. I thought you got a different beach depending on where you are. I have the Summer Oceans theme on a gmail account that I use for renting out apartments in Marbella for a friend of mine and I quite like it. But when I tried the Beaches one on my ‘azahar-sevilla’ email this morning the colours were hideous. I just tried it again (after reading this) and it looks much better. I’ll wait and see what happens during the day. Pebbles is quite nice too.


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