Have you guys seen this yet?  Jumping Jeebus Cristo.  SarahYouBetcha is doing an interview in front of a guy who is sloooooowly killing turkeys.  Blood running down the trough, Sarah drinking her coffee and reining in the government, you betcha.

Don’t forget to read the comments, they’re at least as good? as the interview video.

8 thoughts on “ARRRgggh

  1. We no longer live in a rural society. Yes, when I was a child I watched the neighbor’s grandma wring the chicken’s neck and then cut it’s head off. I know where food comes from. It ain’t pretty. But she’s stupid for thinking that at least half the population isn’t going to be revolted by her talking of levity while standing in front of a turkey slaughtering machine. Personally, I’m appalled, even though I know the bird wasn’t alive just because it’s feet were moving. I used to watch the chickens grandma killed literally run around with their heads cut off. And I’ve pithed a lot of frogs, cut them open, and watched their hearts beat while they were brain-dead in biology classes. She’s totally clueless. So are her apologists.


  2. bc says:

    I’ll bite – how exactly did that guy kill the turkeys? Cut their heads off after they were stuffed down the funnel? That wins for the most asinine background ever in an interview.
    And I’ve seen chickens running around with their heads cut off, too, but we weren’t doing any interviews at that point.


  3. I think they stuff them in the machine, head down, which stretches their neck. Then a knife cuts their head off. They hang there a while until they’re bled out, all the while kicking their legs. Stupid background for an interview.


  4. Here’s one that is unblurred. You can see that the guy looks like he’s cutting the turkey’s neck after he stuffs it in the holder. Yeah, I know you wanted to see something even more graphic.


  5. bc says:

    Hi Az, nice to see that you’re cruising the intarwebs again!

    Yes, Sarah has some spectacularly annoying qualities, voice timbre is the least of it, I promise.


  6. at least with the turkey-draining in the background i was distracted, and not annoyed with the words spewing from her head… bet the turkey could have given a better interview. hmmm….


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