4 thoughts on “Christmas theme

  1. Kind of the reverse of a Saki story I remember where a couple sold personal possessions to buy the other a gift. I remember the woman sold her long hair, only to have the man buy her a hair ornament. I wonder if this says we are selfish these days.


  2. bc says:

    Yes, it’s a play on The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. I’m guessing, yes, XKCD is poking fun at our selfish ways. He pokes fun at everything else – this is a shoo-in.
    Do you really think we’re any more selfish now than we’ve ever been? Sometimes I think we just HEAR about it more, because of TV and other media.


  3. I sometimes think we are, because there is more to be selfish about. People used to “know their place”. and to be unable to aspire to more. Now every ghetto kid can aspire to have a Cadillac Escalde, either from his athletic prowess, or his drug dealing. It only used to be the rich and powerful, now it’s everybody. And with all the ads assailing us 24/7, what can you expect? People aren’t going into service professions anymore because they don’t pay enough. OK, I take a dim view this time of year, especially when folks get trampled to death in Wal*Fart.


  4. I don’t think that aspiring to have something is the same as being selfish. I also don’t think that being selfish is always a negative thing. It’s a question of degree, I think.

    Every year people get trampled to death at Indian temples during religious festivals … is that much different than at WalMart? People are at both places for ‘selfish’ reasons.

    Don’t mind me … just rambling. Nothing else to do now that Lexulous is acting up.


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