A little free advertising

Jinx makes me laugh. Look at this little blurb and T-shirt. And, does the fact that I think it’s really funny mean they’ve hit their geek girl target audience? I think so.

You Hadron Me at Higgs Particle Women’s Tee

You Hadron me at Higgs Particle

You Hadron me at Higgs Particle

Hey, baby, how’s it goin’? Your name is ALICE, is it? That’s a pretty name. You say you’re from the LHC, and you know me? I’m intrigued. I normally have very discerning tastes, but your ample boson really accelerates my heart rate. You’re truly irresistible… as if a black hole was pulling me towards you. Let’s go find somewhere dark (it doesn’t matter where) and do some colliding. Giggity.

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