Carlos Nelson Molina, one creative guy

Okay, Carlos Nelson Molina is my new favorite guy. He’s the Mr. Rogers of Paper Creativity. I’m off to Michaels to buy some pretty paper for a lantern for the Christmas dinner tomorrow.

PS This website didn’t work for me in Firefox, but was worth opening IE for. No, Really!


I made his lanterns and had them on the table for dinner today.  They are kind of funky and cute.


6 thoughts on “Carlos Nelson Molina, one creative guy

  1. It’s never worth opening IE. Except maybe for Netflix instant movies. It worked in Firefox 3.05 for me, which seems to have fixed most of the problems I was having. It also works in Chrome.
    Come to think of it, I have a whole bunch of Christmas Scrapbooking paper, and I guess we are going to have a pot-luck tomorrow since we are all stuck here. I can make deccies.


  2. bc says:

    Just must be my firefox. I have so many weird apps on my computer it’s a bloomin’ wonder that it even boots any more.
    Anyway, check out the lanterns I made, added to the bottom of the original post.


  3. bc says:

    No fires, but I did keep my eye on them. They were a touch wobbly, paper thickness is important. Too thick and they look like crap, like the gold one, too thin and they squish down and wobble, like the red one.


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