Heart warming sentiment

Merry Christmas, Bitches

Merry Christmas, Bitches

All right, all right, maybe that’s a bit much.  But everytime I see these guys they make me laugh.  It’s from a 1994 Sun Magazine, somewhere toward the back.  I just ran into it again.

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are all safe and warm and enjoying the season as much as you can.

Peace and love!

6 thoughts on “Heart warming sentiment

  1. Mair says:

    I do realize I’m totally missing the point here, but these two little boys look a little like Jamal and his brother Salim, from Slumdog Millionaire. HOLY SHIT what an amazing film. My mom and I went yesterday and we both burst out in tears when it was over. Not because it had a hideous, cry-making ending, but because the story was horrific. An incredible film. I highly recommend it.


  2. ok – mair has sold me. The Girl has been bugging me to go see Slumdog Millionaire, and i went to see Secret Life of Bees instead. Wept like a menopausal woman watching a Lifetime TV Movie marathon… should have seen Slumdog…


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