Photohunt: Aftermath

This week’s theme:  Aftermath


This is part of the 40 feet of fence that went down in the back yard during the big storm in January 08.


The dogs are wondering what’s going on.  The wheels don’t actually live there, we were trying to prop the fence up a little with them … to no avail.


The ash tree outside the kitchen window went down.  We’ve been trying to burn it this winter but it’s not dry enough yet.  It’s very, very dense.

6 thoughts on “Photohunt: Aftermath

  1. bc says:

    The power was out for three days, too. That’s the longest I’ve ever been without. We had it a lot better than a lot of people during that period, though. We have a gas water heater, gas stove, and a fireplace. So we were warm and could cook. I felt lucky the whole time. I’m a candle and lantern freak, also, so there were lots of candles for light. It was almost cozy.
    Worst part? No internet. THAT nearly killed me.
    On a positive note, we’re going to plant a satsuma tangerine and a Meyer lemon tree where the ash came down. No longer will I suffer from pangs of jealousy when I drive by the neighbor’s laden trees.


  2. bc says:

    SS- I hear you! I thought about Seattle when I saw the photohunt theme. My niece lives in Raymond, WA. Their (hardwood floored) shop is perched on a ledge which is in the process of sliding down the hill it’s sitting on. It’s very, very wet where they are. Her husband works for the utility company so he’s working around the clock right now.

    I wish we’d get some of that meltwater here.


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