January 10: Kitchenheimer’s

When you’re in the kitchen going around in circles because you can’t remember what you were doing there.

I was in the kitchen this morning walking around in circles wondering what the hell I was looking for when the microwave beeped reminding me I was heating up my cup of coffee. My Kitchenheimer’s is getting worse!



I totally have Kitchenheimers.  The running joke for Thanksgiving was that my sister would help me by following me around while I made circles in the kitchen. 🙂  (She turned out to be a LOT more helpful than that, however. )

4 thoughts on “UWOD

  1. my kids got used to seeing me standing in the middle of a room in the house, blinking my eyes and furrowing my brow as i tried to remember what the hell i was doing in there… Kitchenheimer’s. a fine word…


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