Freshly stumbled

Periodic Table of Condiments.

Okay, it made me laugh.  I gave it a thumbs up.  I even tried to copy it and steal it, but I was unsuccessful.  (I would have given the website proper credit, I swear!)  This is probably not everyone’s idea of high humor.

5 thoughts on “Freshly stumbled

  1. bc says:

    Yes. Loves me a little StumbleUpon.
    I’m glad you thought this was funny, too. Not exactly biting humor but definitely off the wall, and with a scientific “flavor.”


  2. gotta get that posted on my fridge… i’ve turned into my mother in this regard.

    but the bleu cheese? how do you really know when it’s bad? i guess it must get fuzzy. never lasts that long around my place…


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