Connecticut or Muppets?

Vast Indifference has a game for you. It’s a list of names and you say whether they belong to people born in Connecticut between 1701 and 1800 or to Muppets who have appeared on Sesame Street.

If you get all these right you are either a librarian or possibly had the boob tube as a full time babysitter.  And you paid close attention.

3 thoughts on “Connecticut or Muppets?

  1. Silverstar98121 says:

    I am afraid I am afflicted with vast public indifference on this one. Not scholarly enough to get the Connecticut ones, and too old to have been affected by Sesame Street, which appeared when I was a teenager I believe. Now ask me a question about Romper Room, and I might get it. Actually, I was 19 when it appeared. I also had no children, so I’m just out of luck. (It’s 40 years old this year.)


  2. Romper Room! I was on Romper Room! I’d like to say it brings back memories but I actually have no recollection of it at all. Just saw the photo evidence when I was older.


  3. bc says:

    Me, too, on RR. I vaguely remember it, though, as not being fun like it looked like on TV. And, being very nervous.
    I was on our local library show once, got to show off my collection of horses. Was too nervous to even speak. Also not fun.


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