T-Shirt Friday, late by a week and a half.

So what’s new? The late part, I mean.  This is for Nurse Myra’s T-Shirt Friday collection.

This is leftover from my pre-election set of billboard t-shirts.  I’m feeling all patriotic for the inauguration.


This is crunched up, so if you can’t read it, it says McCain 1908.

I had one old man give me a bad time about it Saturday, but the person behind him in line laughed with me …

8 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday, late by a week and a half.

  1. bc says:

    Thanks, NM. BTW, I don’t think I ever said thanks for my chocolaty lovely lip gloss. So, Thanks!
    SS, I think it looks about right. That man was way too old to be president. I wonder whose idea it was?


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