I cried …

on and off through the whole inaugural process today.  I’m simultaneously frightened and ridiculously cheered and charged up by all of it – frightened because now we’ll see what happens when the new President is really engaged – and OMFG what if he’s not as good as we hope?  Can anyone be that good, anyway?

And cheered because that hack Bush is finally gone, replaced by a man with brains and compassion and  FINALLY we can be patriotic Americans again.  I missed that.  I very much want to be proud of the person(s) in the Whitehouse.

Didn’t Barack and Michelle look fabulous?  They are classing the Whitehouse back up after its long decline into Bud Light Land.

I read this somewhere today:

Crying is a sign of hope. When we stop crying, we know we have lost. I add a swell of tears to the changing tide…

3 thoughts on “I cried …

  1. i was tangled in meetings all day – in Florida, no less – and couldn’t watch. the morning “pre-game” had me cranky. will watch the address beginning to end and will likely have a huge ol’ cry. i want it to work… i’ve got faith in the man, and administration… it’s the american people who scare me. are we willing to stick with it? give him more than 100 days before we turn on him?


  2. bc says:

    Oh ye of little faith … it’ll be okay. We’re in the mood to change things. We’re willing to work at it.
    Hell, I’ll even get off my fat lazy arse and volunteer somewhere, watch and see if I don’t.


  3. Silverstar98121 says:

    I have hope, too, and some fears. Not fears that we will turn on him in 100 days. Rather, other fears.
    Watching the balls, the thought I had was that this was Camelot reborn. My fears are about how that turned out. I’m hoping we can break that spell this time, and that it will be eight years before we welcome a new president.


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