Sunny Sunday

Well, happy Daylight Savings Time, peeps. Feh.
It’s a beautiful day, already spent some time with the binocs staring at the Flickers in the back yard.


They are so BIG compared to the rest of the birds that usually hang out there. And fat. We must have just what they need. There are two pairs I’ve seen every year since I’ve been here. Or, every year I see 4 flickers, no telling if they’re the same ones or not. I prefer the romanticized view, however.

Today we get to go round up Pat and Kate and head over to the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom and see Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings.


It’s an afternoon show. YAY for Sunday afternoon blues! I’m really looking forward to it!  Haven’t seen any live music for weeks.

Good quote (even if it is from USA Today): “Pundits who bemoan the scarcity of guitar gods haven’t laid ears on Roy Rogers, whose slide riffs could peel a crawfish.”
– USA Today

I just listened to a really great song called Molly O and Dog Boy which is written and performed by Shana Morrison (Van’s daughter) and Roy Rogers.  Now I have to buy the CD.  I hope they have it for sale at the show.  It’s pretty old, 2000.  Cross your fingers!

FUCK!!! How did it get to be 10:30 already!

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