Luck and Love, Sally!

One of my smart and beautiful nieces is quitting smoking today.  Hard stuff!  She’s had a rough time on and off and smoking is probably a comforting little crutch.  I can identify.  I smoked like a chimney for 15 years.

But she’s quitting!  More power to her!

Sally, if you read this, know that you CAN do it.  It’s hard but it gets easier as time passes.  And you’ll be so happy when you don’t have to work your life around when you can have a damned cigarette.  I was, anyway.  I sent you a letter with all this in it but maybe if you see this tonight it will help!

I used nicotene gum and ate really massive amounts of popcorn when I quit, so I’d have something to do with my hands and mouth.   It worked. You can do it!

Was that enough rah-rah for you?

Seriously, quitting is a bitch, especially for women, but just tell yourself, outloud, that you are Choosing To Quit Smoking.  This empowers you subconsciously and reinforces your decision in a positive way.  It doesn’t matter if other people hear you or not.  Fuck ’em, you’re doing something important for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Luck and Love, Sally!

  1. It’ll take time and EFFORT, but you will be free again, Sally.

    And that’s a wonderful feeling.

    Now when I see people smoking it makes my chest feel “dusty” and I just think … you fools! Because unlike other vices, there is absolutely nothing good about smoking.

    Been a year for me.


  2. Sweet Jumping Jeebus, that must have been a hard time to do quit smoking, Az! What’d you do, quit smoking the day you started chemo? Yikes. You are one tough broad. No wonder I like you.


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