Flower shoot


It was nice today, starting to warm up finally.  I took some more pictures.  Why do I bother?  Because … the iris will die off in a couple of weeks and that will be that for another year.  So even some bad pictures are better than no pictures.

If you click the pic above, it should take you to the picasa web album with a few more spring pics.

6 thoughts on “Flower shoot

  1. Am I the only person that stares intently at people’s “inside house” shots, trying to make out the titles on books or what pictures they have hanging up?

    Uh, that sounded kind of stalkery…


  2. love the giant iris – had some at my old house, heads as big as softballs! but i failed to thin them, and they became weedy… plan to plant a bunch at the new place this fall!


  3. Reminds me very much of my grandmother’s house, although she thought her job was tending to her iris and African violets. No crowding in her yard, but then she never worked a day in her life outside the home.

    I want that orchid!!!


  4. bc says:

    Az – that’s Bob’s kitteh Cheetah, Queen of Diabetes. She likes me really well if she thinks I’m going to give her some kitty crack. Otherwise she mainly ignores me unless she needs to pee on something new.
    I’m afraid I’ve missed the photohunt for Saturday, though.

    Lor – I do that ALWAYS. I’m always dying for clues about how other people live. I guess we only know a little slice about our online friends, and are hungry for more.

    Daisy, you can make up for your lost garden and come and thin and weed mine. Needs it badly. Some of the iris are really big.

    SS – I got that orchid either at Costco or Sam’s club for $19. Very cheap, and probably the prettiest one I’ve ever bought.


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