Well, I *missed* my blog anniversary

Hah – I don’t know exactly when I started blogging.  Long ago.  This iteration started in April of 2005.  Here’s  a stirring round of Palm Springs – Spring Break Haiku from that month, to wit:

Ashley’s contributions:

Tequila poppers,
Wet T-shirt contest on stage.
18 year old’s dream.


How did I get here?
Who are you, what is your name?
Gotta find my bra…


Booze cruise at sunset.
Uno mas Tequila sunrise.
Oops, man overboard.

Mair’s contributions:

Drink until you barf.
Then you start drinking again.
It’s not even noon!


Too much work to do.
45 minutes to go.
Vegas, here I come!

My contributions:

Top down on the ‘Vette
Palm Springs sun – knockers ablaze.
Barf in the back seat.


Stylin’ rental car
Too many partners to count
More barf on the floor.


We had a long haiku run, it was a lot of fun.  Notice I was still saying stylin’?  God.  Groovy slips out every now and again, too.

Favorite Email of the Day

Hi, MrsMagoo (MrsMagoo).

Gov. Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenegger) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Gov. Schwarzenegger’s profile here:

You may follow Gov. Schwarzenegger as well by clicking on the “follow” button.


My only question is ….  WHY?  I don’t think I follow him.  No, I know I don’t.  My guess is that he is following whomever the Secretary of State is following – and she’s following me because we were at She’s Geeky together. That could be it.

Made me laugh, though.  Twitter has turned into something way different than it was when I started lo these many moons ago.