Cool Idea!

from Boing Boing Gadgets newsletter this morning

Print your photos on a shower curtain

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 10:53 AM PDT

photoshowercurtains.jpg will print your photo on shower curtains for $150 – $200, depending on size, using a dye sublimation process that they promise won’t fade or crack. You can even machine launder them—or, you know, wash them in the shower.

A nice way to sauce up a bathroom, for sure. I’d suggest using a picture of you naked in the shower. [via BoingBoing via Red Ferret]

5 thoughts on “Cool Idea!

  1. Well, duh!
    But I didn’t write this, I snagged it directly from BoingBoing. If you had a pale purple bathroom, how beautiful would your lilac shot be for a curtain?? Very!


  2. i’m thinking a picture of a creepy old dude, no teeth and lecherous grin would inspire my daughter to use her own damn bathroom when she comes home on the weekends…


  3. That’s a much prettier picture in my mind’s eye than the toothless creepy old dude. My shower curtain is plain old white. If I had $200 extra I wouldn’t spend it on a shower curtain, unless I had a lot more extra than that.
    But can you imagine if you had guests and they got up in the night to pee and saw the creepy old man? We’d have to leave a mop in the bathroom. 🙂


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